Honeymooning in Japan

Japan is becoming an increasingly popular honeymoon destination for couples who have the time to venture further away and want to explore somewhere safe and different.

Two of Japan’s cities, Tokyo and Kyoto, justifiably get a lot of coverage but it is also well worthwhile exploring the countryside.  The scenery is stunning and there are plenty of activities to enjoy.  For instance, you can snorkel or dive on the beautiful island of Okinawa,  hike along ancient trails, enjoy the hot springs (onsen) on the Kii Peninsula, spot snow monkeys in Jigokudani National Park, zip-line at Lake Biwa and in the winter months ski in the Northern Alps.

No matter what time of year you visit we’d certainly advise you to consider a mix of culture, relaxation and activity when planning your trip.  Here is one suggestion suitable for a two week honeymoon:

After spending your first night in Tokyo we would suggest journeying south to relax on the shores of Lake Biwa.  It is the country’s largest freshwater lake, reputed to be over 4 million years old and estimated to be the thirteenth oldest in the world.   The lake has it all – a fascinating history,  beaches, watersports, zip-lining, hot springs and lots of fabulous places to stay.   While you are there pay a visit to Chikubu island to the north of the lake.  It is a “power spot” fully of mysterious, spiritual energy and a really peaceful and romantic place to spend an afternoon.

Your few days spent at the lake will leave you feeling totally rejuvenated and ready to explore Kyoto.  This ancient city is considered to be Japan’s cultural centre, with lots of temples, shrines, wooden buildings and wonderful gardens.  It is a great place to wander around and soak up the atmosphere. During your stay there make sure you take part in a tea ceremony or a kembu experience where you will learn about the samurai culture and have a lesson on how to wield a sword.

From Kyoto head to the Kii Peninsula and enjoy walking along the ancient pilgrim trails.  These trails invariably end up at an onsen that has been in use for thousands of years.  Soaking in these fabulously hot, mineral rich waters is a great way to end the day.

Finish your honeymoon by taking a short short domestic flight to Okinawa where you can spend time relaxing in a sub-tropical climate on beautiful white sandy beaches that rival those in the Maldives.

Being a year round destination is one reason Japan is becoming so popular.  That said, Spring (March to May) when the famed cherry blossom is in full bloom tends to be the busiest season whereas Autumn, when the trees turn an amazing red colour and just as impressive, is far less crowded.

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