Now the world has reopened for travel we have noticed couples are once again looking for a luxury, once in-a-lifetime type experience for their honeymoon.  Of course, everyone is very aware of the impact travel has on our planet and as a result we’re experiencing a rise in people enquiring about eco-friendly places to stay.

In response to the climate crisis many hotel chains and resorts have changed, or are in the process of changing, the way they operate. For instance, IKOS resorts who operate in Spain and Greece, are actively committed to reducing energy, water, waste and chemical consumption. They are investing in features such as heat pumps, solar panels, LED lights and aerated flow taps in all their resorts. Also they have cut down on single-use plastic and recycled more than 400 tonnes of materials within the last year. Their resorts are powered by 100% renewable electricity and they produce renewable energy on site.  By 2024 their aim is to eliminate single-use plastic and become zero waste-to-landfill.  They also support the community by buying seasonal produce from local suppliers and co-operatives.  Another high priority for IKOS is investing and helping to protect the environment.

I think this a good example of what can be achieved and it is fantastic to see that lots of other hotels and resorts around the world are doing the same.

Here is an article we recently contributed to for Your London Wedding Magazine which includes a list of “green” initiatives to look out for.

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Your honeymoon will be one of the most exciting and memorable holidays you’ll ever go on.  Making choices you can feel good about will ensure the whole experience is extra special.

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