Weddings & Honeymoon

Some Suggested Trips to Inspire You

“Have you always dreamed of a private, romantic wedding, surrounded by your closest family and friends, or even just the two of you? Getting married abroad is the perfect way to do so…

Increased intimacy, stunning settings, amazing weather and the wonderful taste of local foods. What’s not to love?

Whilst you can’t guarantee the weather anywhere, countries like Italy, Spain and Greece will supply you with enough sun for that perfect beach wedding in the summertime! You’re not restricted to summertime only when wanting some sun whilst tying the knot abroad though… The Caribbean, Australia, The Canaries and Mexico are just a handful of countries that are warm throughout our winter!

We take all the hassle out of organising by planning with your personal wedding co-ordinator in” “your chosen destination, as well as handling all of the legal terms for you.

Your Honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime, giving you time to enjoy each other and the things you both love, with all the stress of wedding planning behind you. Whether you are adrenaline junkies, relaxing on a beach with a cocktail people, foodies or city folk… there are amazing places, near and far, to satisfy your idea of romance and fun. Australia, Mexico, Fiji, Maldives and Bahamas for sun, sand and luxury. Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand and South Africa for the wildlife and adventure seekers. Vietnam, India and the Amalfi Coast for culture lovers. New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Copenhagen and Iceland, perfect for those city lovers wanting to see iconic monuments on your journey

The choices are endless, the memories are forever, and the best thing? You’re doing all this with the person you love the most!”