LGBTQ Weddings with the Honeymoon Fixer

Every love story is unique, which is why we are so keen to create tailor-made destination wedding packages. We want to give you the wedding of your dreams, no matter what form your love takes.

Celebrating Love in all its Forms

We believe that true love is inclusive and so we will treat your wedding in the exact same way as we would treat any other wedding โ€“ by approaching it with a fresh and open perspective. โ€˜Differentโ€™ is what we specialize in, so feel free to be completely honest about what you want from your big day, no matter how unusual you might think your request might be.

Whether you are looking to have a ceremony that screams extravagance and exuberance or something low-key and subtle, we are experts in destination weddings here at the Honeymoon Fixer. With unrivalled travel experience behind us, we can help pinpoint the most romantic wedding locations and construct a bespoke package that will showcase the combination of your personalities as you come together to say your vows on your special day.

A PersonalisedLove Story

One of the best things about having a bespoke wedding package is that you donโ€™t have to conform to any kind of tradition (unless that appeals to you). Aside from the legalities, there are no rules to follow โ€“ you can have any order of service you like, any vows that speak to you and any dress code that expresses your creativity. You can get married on a tropical beach, in a stately home, or somewhere more unusual! Tell us what you want, and then let us work our magic.

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