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Why Not Count Your Blessings Abroad?

If you have your heart set on getting married in a certain location that means a lot to you and your partner, then that should be the place where you celebrate your union. Many countries require you to sign the paperwork and do all the legalities in your country of residence, but you can still have your main ceremony in the destination of your dreams.

Celebrating Love in all its Forms

When signing your wedding papers, you will require a couple of witnesses, but the first time most people see you as man and wife will be at your blessing. This is the event that you will want to treat as your special day and it will run in the exact same way as you would want your wedding too, minus the need to sign any paperwork. You can use this day to create the wedding you have always dreamed of, in the ideal setting of your choice.

If you need any tips or advice, the Honeymoon Fixer is always on hand to help, with a wealth of knowledge in destination weddings and blessings and a knack for knowing where all the best spots are. Wherever it is in the world that you want your friends and family to witness your special day, let us help turn your dreams into reality.

Tailor-Made Wedding Blessings

Your blessing is the perfect opportunity to show the world what you can accomplish as a couple. Let your personality shine through in every aspect of the day, from the decorations, to the cake, to the outfits, and have a blessing that is as unique as your union.

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