Travel insurance during the Coronavirus outbreak

Travelling and taking out travel insurance has always been pretty straightforward but since lockdown everything has been thrown into a state of confusion and uncertainty.  The good news is that despite the gloom and doom surrounding travel it appears that a few insurance companies like Staysure will provide emergency medical expenses and repatriation if you catch coronavirus during your holiday as long as you have declared any pre-existing conditions.  Any other events that might be caused by coronavirus, including cancellations, would not be covered except perhaps helping you to change your plans.

Right now the FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office), WHO (World Health Organisation) and local authorities are advising us against travelling unless absolutely necessary which means that if you travel against this advice, your travel insurance policy will be made invalid and you won’t be able to claim if you needed to. This includes holidays in the UK.   Even when the authorities give us the green light to travel again it is important you check that your chosen destination is safe to visit and to do this you should go to the FCO travel advice website.

Despite being told we can’t travel abroad airlines are beginning to start-up again and there are some good deals to be had especially with the likes of Ryan Air and Easy Jet.  If you decide to take advantage of these and book a holiday it is, of course, advisable to get travel insurance and I suggest you take time to carefully scrutinise the terms and conditions laid out in the small print.

Also, I have noticed that some companies like Coversure are creating apps to provide real time information on the cover available under their travel insurance policies at any given moment.  This is probably the best way to keep pace with events as they evolve and help decipher the current complex circumstances.

Otherwise I would recommend speaking to your chosen travel company who will be endeavouring to keep up with the latest information and advice.  I am always happy to answer any questions and provide suggestions so please feel free to get in touch.

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